2009-03-25 – Beware Pies of March – Villager

Beware Pies of March — don’t block lanes, bikers warn
The Villager
March 25, 2009
By Jefferson Siegel


Cyclists are reveling in the addition of new bike lanes throughout the city. However, they are less than thrilled with the Police Department’s lack of enforcement to keep motor vehicles out of the lanes.

On March 14, Time’s Up! held their annual Beware the Pies of March bike clown ride and pie fight. Intended to raise awareness of cars blocking the bike lanes, the ride began in Tompkins Square Park, with cyclists dressed in their best clown finery being “pursued” by Keystone Cops-style “police.”

Several times on the ride through the Lower East Side and the Village, when they encountered cars blocking bike lanes, the clowns would “collapse” in the lane while the “police” would advise the motorists to “beware the Ides of March” since they were risking a $115 fine for blocking the lane.

The ride ended at the Astor Place Cube, where all involved took part in a pie-throwing free-for-all — the Pies of March.