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Clowning Around in New York City
Bike Radar
February 15,2008


On Friday, February 15th, the Time’s Up! Bicycle Clowns will ride through Manhattan in New York City, searching out the bikes lanes that the city announced in 2006 would be added to create safer streets for cyclists.

As the bike clowns clear the lanes of the illegally parked cars and trucks, they will point out the unsafe conditions that are still not being addressed by the New york Police Department (NYPD) 18 months later.

Equipped with magnifying glasses, binoculars, and a clown dressed as a roving bike lane, the bike clowns will theatrically track down the missing lanes, politely ask the drivers parked in the bike lane to move and proactively expand the lanes to a reasonable width.

“Last month,” said Barbara Ross, Time’s Up! spokesperson, “(New York City) Mayor (Michael) Bloomberg stated that he considered, ‘safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers a matter of public health that deserves our full attention.’

“If the Mayor is serious about making NYC bike friendly, he needs to direct the NYPD to enforce the laws against parking in the bike lane,” she added.

Friday’s ride meets at the Time’s Up! office at 9 a.m. EST, located at 49 East Houston Street, between Mott & Mulberry. Bike lanes on the route include Prince, Grand and Allen Streets. Call (917) 494-8164 for exact location.