2007-12-12 – Bicyclists Rally For Safer Conditions – NY1

Bicyclists Rally For Safer Riding Conditions
New York 1
December 12, 2007


Bicyclists rallied in Manhattan Wednesday to call for safer riding conditions for bicyclists throughout the city.

Supporters are calling attention to the need for safer bike lanes, especially in areas with heavy traffic.

The group re-enacted the death of cyclist David Smith, who was killed last week when he was thrown from his bike, after a car door swung open into traffic.

“What we’re here to try and do today is both honor someone who has passed, as well as ask the city to fulfill its promise to make this a bike-friendly city,” said Benjamin Shepard, a volunteer with the activist group Times Up.

The group is asking for wider bike lanes, buffers around the lanes, and enforced traffic laws for motorists who violate areas meant for cyclists.

According to the website Ghostbikes.org, there have been 23 cyclist killed in the city this year.