2007-12 01 – New Years Eve Ride – Bicyclist magazine

Bicyclist magazine
December 2007
by Wendy Brawer and Judy Ross

Cool Ride
Made your last ride of 2007 a night to remember.

New Years Eve used to create pressure and doubt: if we didn’t have a good time that night, would the rest of the year be hopeless? There’s been no such pressure in New York City since 1999, when non-profit organization Time’s Up! started its New Years Eve Ride. At 10:30 pm, cyclists — including a DJ on wheels — gather under the arch at Washington Square Park and pedal uptown.  Our party grows as more  riders join along the way.  Bystanders cheer as we ride through the streets, avoiding the crowds in Times Square. Somehow, we always arrive at Central Park’s romantic Belvedere Castle just before the countdown to midnight begins. We watch the fireworks, share refreshments, dance and make a wish.