2006-11-16 City Wastes Millions on CM – NY1

November 16, 2006

An environmental organization said Thursday that the NYPD is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on police response at monthly bike rides.

The group, Time’s Up, says the city has spent more than $1.3 million over two years in excessive police response during the “Critical Mass” protests. The group has long been at odds with the city over its monthly rides, which police say, illegally block traffic, and creates a public disturbance.

Critical Mass says they are law-abiding bike riders, and the money could be better spent elsewhere.

“Ask people what they would do with $1.3 million, and you’d probably get a long list of answers,” said Judy Ross of Time’s Up. “Probably one thing that they would not say they would use $1.3 million to chase after bicyclists.”

In response, the NYPD says it will accommodate the rides in a lawful manner, but when others break the law taxpayers wind up paying for it.