2006-07-21 Bikers Risk Ticket to Ride – NY Post

Stephanie Gaskell
July 21, 2006

Critical Mass, the bike group that swarms through city streets and is facing a police crackdown, is planning another ride through Manhattan next Friday.

The Post reported on Wednesday that the NYPD proposed new rules that would require groups with as few as 20 bicyclists to secure a police permit, even if they obey all traffic laws and stop and red lights.

But the group said the impending plan – which won’t be in effect by next week – isn’t going to deter them from taking to the streets next week.

“It’s insane,” said Norman Siegel, a lawyer who represents the bike group. “It’s not the way to deal with the problem. It’s overkill and it’s vindictive.”

Siegel warned that if the new rules are approved, they will be too difficult for police to enforce.

“It will be very time-consuming, so police will – I predict – selectively enforce this,” Siegel said. “We need to stop this.”

A spokesman for the NYPD said it won’t be a problem, as long a cyclists “observe the law.”