2005-09-06 Clown Brigade – Villager

Clowns serious about parking in bike lanes


Aug. 31 – Sep 06, 2005

Tues., Aug. 23, was declared Bike Lane Liberation Day by bicycle activists. Dressed as clowns, a group from Time’s Up! and other riders cruised throughout the East Village and Downtown, looking for vehicles parked or stopped in bike lanes. When they came upon an offender, several stopped and placed a symbolic ticket on the windshield. The orange-and-white piece of paper, intended to resemble an authentic New York City parking ticket, said: “This could have been a real ticket. Section 4-08(e): Stopping, standing, parking or otherwise obstructing bike lanes is prohibited. Subject to a fine of up to $115.”

Cruising down Second Ave., they found a UPS delivery truck parked in a bike lane between St. Mark’s Pl. and Seventh St. The driver, unloading packages, cheerfully accepted his ticket as another one was placed on his windshield, ironically next to a real ticket.

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