2001-03-01 What is Time’s Up!? – Transportation Alternatives

What Is TIME’S UP!?
Transportattion Alternatives


Active for more than a decade, time’s up! is an all-volunteer direct-action environmental group. Its work for non-polluting transportation is one of its most visible campaigns, and has done much to increase bicycling and environmental awareness in NYC. TIME’S UP! specializes in off-beat rides that are simultaneously social, educational, healthy, and fun. Upcoming events include: Moonlight Rides through Central, and Prospect Parks; late-night rolls along the Hudson, through Riverside Park; environmentally themed tours; after dark, history-minded explorations of Lower Manhattan; and festive monthly Critical Mass rides that assert cyclists’ right to the road. All events seek to make people more active protectors of their environment and are institutions of bicycle culture in NYC. Participation in Critical Mass, for instance, has grown tremendously since TIME’S UP! began promoting and supporting the ride. The Central Park Moonlight Rides are very popular and happening upon a string of cyclists with “red blinky lights” on their bicycles snaking through the dark park is truly an amazing sight.

In addition to rides, TIME’S UP! hosts educational events and performances, including film screenings, video presentations, photo exhibitions, and performance art, frequently in conjunction with other activist organizations. Collaborating with local groups is valuable in that it links different kinds of environmental work, making cyclists out of environmentalists and environmentalists out of cyclists. Its joint efforts include helping with the stencil memorial campaign, support of community gardens, and staging anti-nuclear weapons protests at the United Nations.
TIME’S UP! provides a New York base for international movements. Whether that means helping to launch local Reclaim the Streets events, organizing an outlet for puppet-makers creating flamboyant costumes to communicate their message at protests, or traveling to other cities to attend events. Our members have participated in San Francisco’s Bike Summer, World Trade Organization protests in Seattle and Prague, as well as numerous other global-level happenings.
TIME’S UP! invites everyone to participate in its fun free events. The group’s event calendar, “Moving for a Better Environment,” is mailed to all members. TIME’S UP! is non-profit and receives all its funding through membership dues, grants, and private donations. We would be grateful for any contribution you could make.

Visit www.Times-Up.org or call 212-802-2222 for a full event calendar, descriptions of environmental campaigns, and details on becoming a member or making a tax-deductible donation.