Donating Land or Real Estate

Help Find a New Time's Up! Space or Donate New Space to Time's Up!

Building raised beds for a new community garden.
TIME'S UP! volunteers and local kids work together
to start a new community garden.

An outright gift of real estate (a vacant lot, residence, vacation home, farm or commercial property) that has been held for more than one year qualifies you for an income tax deduction for its full market value, and allows you to avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated portion.

Our lawyers are ready and will take care of all the paperwork. Of course, this donation is 100% tax deductible.

For a gift of Real Estate, any real estate will do. If the real estate is located where we can use our volunteers to promote environmental community workshops or other eco-educational options we will do so. We can also rent or sell the space and use the money to continue our environmental programs.


Donating Land

A hands-on organic farming field trip.

All land donations are acceptable to us and you can get a 100% tax write off. Appropriate land could be used for anything from starting another community garden to taking inner city groups out to farms, wetlands, and educational ecology sites were they can get a hands-on feel for the soil and the animals.


TIME'S UP! has led many hands-on organic farming field trips and waterfront wildlife walking tours. We will also be able to preserve your land and your sensitive environmental concerns, such as halting real estate development, protecting wet lands, safeguarding farmland from pesticides and developers. Waterfront lands are especially of interest to us for educational walking tours and protection.

For any concerns regarding real estate donations you can contact TIME'S UP! Executive Director, Bill DiPaola via phone at 917 577 5621 or email.