We have videos of events that we’ve organized or participated in. Our videos are shot in a rough, morale boosting, documentary style, showing traditional TIME’S UP! action at its best. Though based in New York City, we participate in (and make videos of) actions and campaigns all over the globe.

Our videos can be found on YouTube and Vimeo.

The Time’s Up! Yes Video

Folding Bike Festival

Help Time’s Up! Find a New Space
Time’s Up Needs A Space!
Time’s Up! Profiled on Yes Network
Yes Network’s profile of Time’s Up!
Time’s Up! Dance Ride : Tribute to Michael Jackson
Time’s Up’s tribute dance ride to the King of Pop.
Time’s Up! Paul Revere Save Community Gardens Ride
Time’s Up! Paul Revere Save Community Gardens Ride
Times Up! “Pies of March” 2008 Bike Ride and Pie Fight
The Annual Pies of March Bike Ride in 2008.
Summer Streets NYC 2009
NYC’s Summer Streets 2009 frees the streets for pedestrians and cyclists .
Doggie Parade
Dogs and bicycles on parade!
Pirate Ride to Governor’s Island
Pirate Ride: Arrgghh!!!!
Time’s Up’s Fold-Up Bike Video
2009 Time’s Up / Fold-Up Ride
Times Up! Hands Across Pavilion
Hands across Union Square save the Pavilion on 6/5/2008.
Naked Bike Ride Takes on Big Oil.
Getting out the message to save Union Square.
6th Street Bike Raid
Police raiding bicycles on 6th Street.
Some Assembly Required
A documentary about the March 2007 Critical Mass ride.
NYPD Bike Theft 2004
A video of NYPD seizing locked bicycles.
Time’s Up! Future Sea Level Ride
The rising sea levels of the future send these polar bears on a hunt for ice cream in New York.
Time’s Up! on German TV
A German TV feature on Times Up!
Mars Garden
Time’s Up! helps plant gardens where there once was garbage, only to have them torn out.
Lock Down to Save the Gardens
A video of efforts to save the community gardens.
Time’s Up! Polar Bears in Union Square? – Barbara Interview
Polar bears run amok in Union Square!  Also, an interview with Barbara.
Time’s Up! Supports Day of Climate Action – Bill Interview
Bill is interviewed for Day of Climate Action.
Time’s Up! “Pies of March” Bicycle Clown Brigade Bike Ride & Pie Fight 2009
The Time’s Up! bicycle clowns hitting the streets in 2009.
Summer Streets NYC 2008
A video of NYC’s 2008 Summer Streets event.
Time’s Up! Bike Lane Liberation Clowns
A day with the Bike Lane Liberation Clown Front of Time’s Up!
Critical Mass Bicyclist Assaulted by NYPD
A video from a 2008 Critical Mass in which a NYPD officer is caught checking a bicyclist clean off of his bike.
Roving Garden Party
Time’s Up’s Roving Garden Party, organized with the Rude Mechanical Orchestra to raise awareness of past struggles to conserve community space in New York City.
4th of July Dance Ride 2009
Time’s Up 4th of July dance ride, 2009
Still We Ride
Still We Ride video (1 of 4)

Doggie Pedal Parade
Doggie Pedal Parade Video
Go Green, Lower East Side
Time’s Up Go Green in the Lower East Side
The Globalized Video
Globalized on Time’s Up!
The YES Network’s profile of Time’s Up!
TIME’S UP!’s annual celebration of small-wheeled and folding bikes, this Saturday, starts with a race in Central Park and is followed by a folding bike ride and festival. Both the ride and festival are open to the folding curious as well as people who already own folding bikes.
Some Assembly Required [17 mins]
A documentary about the March 2007 NYC Critical Mass. Shot with more than 30 cameras the film follows the first critical mass bike flash mob held under the new NYC parade permit rules that prohibits citizens from assembling in groups of more than 50 people without getting previous authorizion from the police department.Click one of the following links to play the video in a popup window in a format supported on your computer. Right-click to “Save As.”

MPEG-4, H.264, AAC (highest quality, industry-standard format)

Macromedia Fla$h (mediocre corporate format)

Reverend Billy Benefit for Time’s Up! (May 27, 2005)
After the May 2005 Critical Mass, Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping put on a show at St. Mark’s Church to benefit Time’s Up!. The show started with a march of cardboard bikes from Union Square and ended with a rousing blessing of arrestees. BikeTV documented the event.(Quicktime format, 55MB)
Eco-updates from New York City 2006 [22 mins]
Our newest and best-edited video. This video was originally made for BikeSummer 2002 in Portland, Oregon. It is an excellent portrayal of TIME’S UP!’s campaigns in NYC, with New York’s own style of high energy performance. Reverend Billy, Radical Rockets, Hungry March Band and the Radical Cheerleaders.(MP4 format, 1.2 MB)or right click, “Save As …” to download.

Eco-Updates from NYC 2003

FTAA Quebec City April 21, 2001 [9½ min]
The bright sunny morning of April 21 welcomed tens of thousands of protestors to the city of Quebec. Protesters once again lay siege to the Free Trade of the Americas Conference. Drums signaling the continuing struggle of efforts to breach fences both literal and metaphoric. Chants, cheers and songs make this video very uplifting.Click image for video clip (MP4 format, 3.1 MB)or right click, “Save As …” to download.

FTAA Quebec City

IMF World Bank Protest in Washington DC [8 min]
Featuring the RTS sharks, special Critical Mass, detaining govt buses. Click image for video clip (MP4 format, 2.5 MB)or right click, “Save As …” to download.

IMF and World Bank Protest in Washington, D.C.

S26 IMF and World Bank Protest in Prague [31 min]
Sept 26, 2000 from the front lines of the struggle against globalization. The video shows the many colors the protesters broke up into, to surround the Kongresove Center, where the meeting was being held. Everything from the peaceful cheers of the radical cheerleaders to the fence beratement of the pink and silver team and the all day rock-throwing of the Black Bloc. The battles continue into nightfall on the Vaclavske Namnespi Square. Click image for video clip (MP4 format, 2.2 MB)or right click, “Save As ..” to download.

S26 IMF and World Bank Protest in Prague

Online-Only Video Clips

N.Y.P.D. cutting bike locks, September 24, 2004
Click image for video clip (MP4 format, 8.5 MB)or right click, “Save As …” to download. Police cut locks and seize bikes after Critical Mass, September 2004.
Reclaim The Streets, September 2000
Click image for video clip (MP4 format, 1.6 MB) or right click, “Save As …” to download.Post-CM RTS, September 2000
1997 Earth Day Ride – video clip (Quicktime format, 204K).

Special thanks to Raven Rock Media for all the help with the video.

Additional Video Links:

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Folds Up! Bike Ride

Barbara Ross

Brennan Cavanaugh

Memorial Bike


Time’s Up New Year’s Eve Group Ride