includes bike tour of Governors Island
Sunday, September 18, 2016

(in front of The National Museum of the American Indian)
1 PM get on Governors Island Ferry 

PEACE MUSEUM NY’s commitment is to create an experience of peace, here and now, and has never been dependent on a “physical space” to fulfill on this commitment. AND the number one question I hear when people see my Peace BIke, or when I say I am co-creating a peace museum in New York, is WHERE is the PEACE MUSEUM? PEACE MUSEUM NY is presently an experience, that co-sponsors, along with Times-Up (an environmental direct action organization) monthly peace bike rides and has created peace related participatory art projects: Peace Cards, Peace Café, two Peace Parades (2012 & 2013) and a Parade on Wheels for FIGMENT (an annual participatory arts event on Governors Island), as well as presenting a peace meditation with movement called “Peace Moves,” OWS walking tours and Evergreen Singers: Carol Singing for Climate Justice, all in public spaces in NYC, free of charge. My vision also includes a permanent space, which every since I created PEACE MUSEUM NY in 2010, I have visualized being on Governors Island. So when Kevin Fitzpatrick, suggested that we combine forces for a peace bike tour and Governors Island historic bike tour, before the island closes for the season, I was thrilled. Kevin is not only an amazing tour guide but also an accomplished writer, and the author of The Governor Island Explorers’s Guide. This is the quintessential guide to Governors Island. He’s done his research and not only knows his stuff, but also has his heart in it. I love that he loves Governors Island, as much as I do!

So what better way to spread some JOYISM, than a peace bike tour, combined with a tour of a future “peace” island culminating with libations and great eats at Kevin’s (and my) favorite food destination on the island, “Little Eva’s Beer Garden”. Please bring cash or credit if you intend to join us!

Before arriving on Governors Island, I will lead a tour of some peace-related sites in lower Manhattan: the Labyrinth of Contemplation, birth place of the Occupy Wall Street Movement in NY: Zuccoti Park, St. Paul’s Chapel, the African American Burial Ground and the New York City Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza. We will be taking the Governor’s Island Ferry the ferry to Governors Island costs $2 after 12 PM, a NYC ID gets you on the ferry for free. If you don’t have a NYC ID, please have the $2 ferry fare on hand.

Once on Governors Island, Kevin C. Fitzpatrick, author of the Governors Island Explorer’s Guide (Globe Pequot), will lead us on special tour of the Island. We will ride our bikes on a tour of history. For more than 200 years, Governors Island was closed to the public. Learn how a former military post became New York’s greatest new park. Governors Island is a former Army and Coast Guard base in New York Harbor. It is now a public park and recreation area, as well as the Governors Island National Monument . The ride on Governors Island is for anyone who wants to learn about its history and the island’s new future as a city park. Kevin’s tour Highlights:
* Three hundred years of island history;
* Visit The Hills, the newest additions to the Island;
* History of all Army buildings and Army housing;
* Significance of all fortifications and military use of the island;
* Current usage of the park and the buildings, what the future holds;
* See rare photos, maps, and drawings from Kevin’s personal collection.

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