Traffic-Calming Rides

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Cars out of the parks! It's a park. Not a parkway. Art by Ken Avidor.The Great Central Park Traffic Calming Ride Rolls Again! — Now in Prospect Park, Too!

Traffic calming rides promotes shared road use with bicyclists, skaters and pedestrians, with the goal of car-free parks and bike-friendly city streets. These rides have since spread to other boroughs and to other cities, raising awareness about the importance of clean air and safer public spaces.

This ride run through New York City’s great parks to help make the park roads auto-free. Traffic Calming Rides in Manhattan’s Central Park have been going on for over 10 years, and the rides in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park have become popular.

We roll side by side around the parks’ loop roads. This is a nonconfrontational ride to slow down car traffic during the hours the park is open to cars.

The ride lasts about one hour or until the start of the park’s auto-free hours.

After a 20-year-long campaign, which included over 100 direct actions. We’re happy to announce that both Central & Prospect Park loop roads are now permanently auto-free. Not only is this a big victory for these 2 parks, but it’s also a victory for all other east coast parks that are now following central park’s lead and auto-free their parks.