Polar Bear CO2 Earth Day Bike Ride

Polar Bear CO2 Earth Day Ride
Check Time’s Up website for new dates and location

Come celebrate Earth Day on your bicycle dressed up as your favorite animal with Time’s Up! and CO2 Green Drive. As we know, Earth Day is every day. Let’s celebrate and support NYC’s new sustainable infrastructure, bike lanes, greenways and auto-free plazas. It’s just the beginning. Invite your friends on facebook.

Want to join the ride but need a bike? Want to start your ride in Brooklyn with a snack? Join the“real-feeder” ride! Meeting at 2pm at the Time’s Up’s Brooklyn Bike Co-op Space at 99 South 6th Street in Williamsburg. Borrow a bike and ride with us for a free snack from Abracadabra at 2:30pm. We will then ride across the Williamsburg Bridge and join the other polar bears in Union Square at 4pm.

Also come on the Friday before to decorate your bicycle and create your costume.

Earth Day Bike Ride Costume Making & Bike Decorating
Check Time’s Up website for new dates and location

Come decorate your bicycle and yourself for the upcoming Earth Day Polar Bear Bike Ride. You don’t have to be a polar bear, you can make any type of costume. Try to bring some costume materials. We will provide some of the basics. And don’t forget to invite your friends on facebook.

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