*new time as of September 13th*
Tuesdays 6:00-8:00pm
La Plaza Community Garden, corner of 9th Street and Ave C

Starting June 14th, Time’s Up will host free outdoor bike repair classes in La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez Community Garden, which is located in Manhattan at the corner of 9th Street and Avenue C. The bike repair classes will follow the following topics:

First Week– Basics for Beginners: Identifying parts and tools, diagnosing common problems and things you should know before buying a bike. We will also cover how to change tires and fix flats.

Second Week– Cables and Housing: Installing, adjusting and tightening derailleur and brake cables. Learn how to fix skipping gears and rubbing brake pads.

Third Week– Cups, Cones and Bearings: Overhauling and rebuilding cup and cone bottom brackets, hubs, and headsets. Identifying when problems are present and whether they need a simple adjustment or a more involved overhaul.

Fourth Week– Wheels and Spokes: How to true a wheel and replace broken spokes.

Fifth Week (if applicable)– No Class.

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