Doggie Pedal Parade 2011

Doggie Pedal Parade (Dogs on Bikes) video courtesy of Gamma Blog

Photos of 4th Annual Time’s Up! Doggie Pedal Parade – an abundance of cuteness:

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The 4th annual Time’s Up! Doggie Pedal Parade, held 5/22/2011, was a huge success.

Several onlookers cheered from the sidewalk as the cyclists rode their dogs through the West Village in baskets, pedicabs and trailers attached to their bicycles, while listening to tunes playing on the “music bike.” Despite the looming threat of rain, the ride drew a very enthusiastic crowd, including dogs and humans of all sizes.

The ride ended with an after-party next to the dog run in Washington Square Park complete with treats for the dogs and homemade canine-shaped cookies and tofu dogs for the humans.

There were some canine celebrities on board:

++ Riggs, the cutest beagle puppy from Earth Angels Canine Rescue, who is looking for a home.

++ The darling of the Lower East Side, 15-year-old French bulldog Chibi, with owner Marja Samson of the Kitchen Club restaurant and Chibi’s Saki Bar (now closed but named after Chibi).

 ++ The three Chihuahuas, Emmett, Mei Mei and Kiki Lu, that ride around with helmets and have their own blog.

photo courtesy by Gamma Blog“The Doggy Pedal Parade is one way for Time’s Up! to promote a sustainable environment for everyone, including our four-legged friends, and build community among those who love them,” says ride organizer Ben Shepard.

Everybody had a great time and we raised awareness about the benefits of green transportation and adopting homeless animals.

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