Check out our 35th Anniversary Timeline of events and accomplishments.

Environmental Campaigns

For three decades, TIME’S UP! has been involved in many campaigns, educational seminars and direct actions.

Other Recent Campaigns


  • Clean Earth, Clean Water
  • Parks for the People
  • Pedestrian Barricades
  • Tour de Sol

Educational Seminars

  • Tree Relief
  • Pedestrian/Automobile Fatalities
  • Human and Solar Powered Vehicles, with Lightwheels
  • Green Shopping Techniques
  • Environmental Bike Tours
  • Bicycle Safety

Recent Demonstrations

  • Chelsea Piers Sucks
  • Clubbing Baby Seals, with Wetlands and Friends of Animals
  • Fur Stores
  • NYU Chimpanzee Testing
  • Ozone Layer Depletion, with Greenpeace
  • Stop Mitsubishi Rainforest Destruction
  • TIME’S UP! for Nuclear Weapons
  • WTO Protests in Washington, DC, and Seattle
Exxon/Mobil = Global Warming


Auto-Free Central Park

Abolition 2000. TIME'S UP! for nuclear weapons.


TIME'S UP, Canada! Stop clubbing baby seals.

Baby Seal protests

For more details, you can read the year-end summary of our activities in 2005.

Time’s Up! teams up with Wetlands Activism Collective to launch a campaign to raise awareness about animal rights and the preservation of both virgin forest and rainforest ecosystems. Special thanks to The Body Shop Anita Roddick who lent pictures and helped with the campaign to stop animal testing. Time’s Up! continues collaborating with Wetlands on various events to date, including our weekly Thursday Night Movies and Presentations.

Reclaim The Streets, which started in England, is a way of drawing attention to the fact that the urban design of cities was not only meant for cars, but for the community. This was done through direct action, art, and dance. This Reclaim The Streets campaign was very successful in Europe but was more difficult in America because the police had no patience for community-style events and street closings. However, in NYC from about 1998 till 2002, there were several Reclaim The Streets events; the first at Astor Place Cube, which took over Broadway and created a street rave for over 4 hours.

Another Reclaim The Streets event took place on Ave A/7th St, not only focused on reclaiming the street but also on taking over abandoned lots and turning them into vibrant community gardens. And of course, Reclaim The Streets took over Times Square and helped make it into a pedestrian plaza. There was even a Reclaim The Streets dance party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Bedford Ave.

New York City Reclaim The Streets was loosely organized by anybody who wanted to dance and help reclaim the streets but also had help from the lower East Side Collective and Time’s Up! Environmental Organization. Check Time’s Up Reclaim the Street Video and Reclaim the Street in Amsterdam.

Time’s Up! pioneers the Street Memorial Project, commemorating cyclists and pedestrians killed by motorists.

The Street Memorial Project creates silent but powerful memorials to draw attention to pedestrian and cyclist fatalities around the city through actions such as Stencil MemorialsMemorial Bike Rides, and candlelight vigils.

In collaboration with Right of Way, Time’s Up! volunteers identify intersections around the city that are especially dangerous to cyclists and pedestrians.

Captured by the media, these actions successfully raised public awareness on the need for improvements in the design of intersections, the creation of new bike lanes and motorist awareness campaigns, and harsher punishments for hit-and-run offenders.  This project has been vital to increasing non-polluting transportation because it enables cyclists to feel safer utilizing shared roadways.

The success of this project in New York City has inspired similar programs in other cities including Chicago and San Francisco.

Later this project also took on “Ghost Memorials,” which are white bicycles placed in spots cyclists were killed by vehicles, now prevalent in cities nationwide.

Stop buying rainforest paper.

TIME’S UP! needs your support. Educating people and keeping various campaigns alive is expensive, and ecological changes affect the whole world! As a nonprofit, all-volunteer environmental organization, we have no paid staff members and do not accept corporate sponsorship. We rely directly upon you.

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Check out our Eco-Updates from New York City 2006 video for footage of some of our campaigns in action.

We are an action group.  This is the only kind of sloth we like.


Thank you, TIME’S UP! for caring about the environment in the big cities.

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