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  • Legal Newswire

    Stay up to date on legal news in the TIME’S UP! press center. UPDATE 02/14/2006: Legal Document: Judge Stallman’s Ruling. (PDF Format) New York State Judge Michael D. Stallman rendered his decision on The City of New York vs. TIME’S UP! The judge rejected the City’s request for injunctions to prevent TIME’S UP!, certain TIME’S […] read more

  • Federal and State Judicial Victories

    TIME’S UP! STATE JUDICIAL VICTORY 2/14/2006 Judge Michael D. Stallman’s Ruling Justice Michael D. Stallman of State Supreme Court in Manhattan denies New York City’s motion for a preliminary injunction to stop the Critical Mass bicycle ride if it has not requested a permit.    He also refuses to prohibit Time’s Up! and the four Time’s […] read more

  • Call for Cyclists Arrested or Harassed

    Call for Cyclists Arrested or Harassed During and Since the RNC Our Legal Newswire has more recent updates about the city’s campaign against Critical Mass and bicyclists using public space. UPDATE 04/12/2005: A page one story in today’s New York Times reveals that the D.A.’s office doctored videotaped evidence to prosecute a bicyclist who was […] read more

  • Legal FAQ

    1. Which traffic laws apply to bicyclists? Bikes are traffic, so all traffic laws (referred to in New York as Vehicle and Traffic Laws or “VTL”) that apply to cars apply to bikes. This includes signaling to make a turn or stop. 2. Is it legal to ride against traffic? No, since all traffic laws […] read more