Working With Others

A lot of great groups work on Community Gardens in New York City.
Here are some that TIME’S UP! has had the privilege of working

  • Friends of Brook Park — We’ve worked in the Brook Park
    garden, and worked with them on garden tours in the Bronx.
  • Green Map — Their award-winning Green Apple Map

    shows community gardens and all sorts of community and eco-sites in New
    York City. They make our tours much easier to plan out. With one of
    these maps in hand, you’re even empowered to work out a garden tour of
    your own! (Let us know if you’d like to share it.)

  •   Green Map
  • GreenThumb — A city program that we’ve worked with to get community gardens started. They cut red tape and
    provide gardening materials.

  • More GardensMore Gardens! — What they’re working for is more gardens, and we agree. We’ve joined them to defend community
    gardens and collaborated on garden tour rides. We’ve also collaborated
    on “more gardens” themes and after-parties for Critical Mass, which
    have been some of the most creatively-costumed and festive events
  • Recycle-a-Bicycle — This group gets kids involved in bicycling and “green mapping.” We’ve been very pleased to work
    with these youngsters on tours in Brooklyn.