The Caterpillar

The March 30, 2001,
Critical Mass ride rolled in support of community
gardens. A highlight of this event was the world debut of the
GIANT CATERPILLAR, a bicycling work of art that moved through city
streets. As you can see in the picture above, it was almost as big
as a city bus — and much more beautiful and graceful.

Some folks accompanied the caterpillar dressed as garden beings.
The Caterpillar and outfits were created during
Puppet Making sessions.

The whole caterpillar, side view.

The caterpillar's eyes.

A bike and biker blooms into flowers.

The Making of The Caterpillar

Constructing the frame.

Construction took place at the Charas community center.
Here the frame is assembled.

Covering the frame.

The many-colored caterpillar body is pulled over the frame.

Food Not Bombs at construction.

Taking a break for food (not bombs).

10 bicycles used for legs.
Now well-fed, the crafty puppeteers go outside to
put the “legs” on: ten bicycles.

(Does that mean this caterpillar is a decipede?)

Whoops, looks like the skin fell off. Not to worry;
it slipped right back on.

Now fully-formed, the hungry caterpillar swallowed up some
well-fed bicyclists and took to the streets, ten bikes strong


Caterpillar on the road, 10 bicycles strong.

The caterpillar visits the World Trade Center for the NYC Bicycle Show.

Caterpillar in the WTC.