Garden Tours

Garden Seminar 

The Green Apple Ride visits the 7th Street Recycling Garden for a seminar.

Ecological Garden Tours, organized by TIME’S UP! and led by well-informed guides, these bicycle rides to endangered and protected gardens usually end with bicyclists honing their own horticultural skills and sampling a garden’s organic produce.

Some of our rides are tours of community gardens. Other rides have ecological and/or community themes, which makes them ideal places to visit. We may ride to raise awareness of a garden in need of defense, and sometimes we ride just to celebrate their existence.

Riding through Bed-Stuy. Photo by Steve O'Neill of bikeTV. First Quincy Street Garden Talk at First Quincy Street Garden Bikes grow in Hattie Carthan Memorial Garden. Photo by Steve O'Neill. Photos from the Historic Bedford-Stuyvesant Gardens Tour. 

(More Photos Here.)

Bike tour to Esperanza Community Garden. 

This ride visited the threatened Esperanza Community Garden, where the great El Coqui watched over the riders.

A garden tour in the South Bronx. We also organize garden events to accompany some of the tours.

A number of these rides and events are collaborations with other groups, ranging from community garden collectives to neighborhood associations to other ecology organizations.