Garden Events

Kids work on arts and crafts while others work on the
garden at Brook Park Garden in the South Bronx.

Flowers … spices … bugs … compost … ecology … public space …
there is much to see and enjoy and learn about in a community garden.

To raise awareness of gardens and their communities, TIME’S UP! holds
some special events in community gardens. They could be puppet-making
workshops, talks, after-parties, and even outdoor movies.

Sometimes when we have a
garden tour, we’ll also arrange a garden event for those
who want to do something after a bike ride — or for folks who didn’t
make it to the ride.

TIME’S UP! has worked with GreenThumb and More Gardens in youth
workshops in all five boroughs of New York City. This gets youth
involved in their community and their garden. We’ve given classes
in basic gardening, composting, planting, permaculture, and
greywater systems.

Our biggest puppet ever wasn’t made in a garden, but it was done to
support more gardens! Take a look at The Caterpillar.