Bike National Convention

In 2004, Time’s Up! hosts the Bike National Convention (BNC), drawing thousands of visitors from all over the world.  The BNC, coinciding with the Republican National Convention, consisted of a month-long calendar of free educational events and direct-action events to highlight environmental issues on a national stage.  The large presence of cyclists during the Republican National Convention resulted in a boost of political clout and motivated local officials to take cyclists’ concerns seriously.

Bike National Convention

 TIME’S UP! is hosting a calendar of events throughout a busy week of ridesthat will lead up to the Republican National Convention. The Bike NationalConvention (BNC) will provide New Yorkers and bike enthusiasts pedalingin from around the country a chance to participate in rides that showcase

New York City’s unique environment, and the communities of cyclists who

inhabit and support it.Likewise, we will introduce a

bicycle workshop for those who came

to the City without bikes, but would like to be mobile during the RNC,

and would like to work for a bike, get one cheap, or work on their own bike.

Some of the best-attended and most enjoyable events from Bike Summer 2003

will be on the calendar, as well as new rides from groups and individuals

who take the initiative to propose, organize, and guide them. In addition,

on the weekend right before the RNC, cyclists will find rides geared toward

networking and outreach with other bicycle activists, including aDNC to RNC welcoming ride on August 26th , a festive

Critical Mass after-party on August 27th, and a day of bicycle events on August 28th,

with bicycle maintenance workshops, a bicycle carnival, and a bicycle Bar-B-Que.

Please join us to promote a cleaner, safer, bicycle-friendly city and country.

For more information on the rides and to schedule your own, visit the
Official BNC Calendar in web.

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