Lower East Side Sustainable Community and Garden Walking Tour

09/20/2014 – 12:00 pm

Meet us at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (155 Ave. C, between E. 9th & E. 10th St.) at noon, on Saturday September 20th for the ‘Lower East Side Sustainable Community and Garden Walking Tour.’ The tour is free and lasts about two hours.

Come learn about how sustainable grassroots community projects ignited social change and policy change in NYC. Hear about different sustainable subjects, like how community bicycle activism changed the whole city to a more safe and sustainable design with bike-lanes, auto-free plazas and greenways. Walk through the beautiful community gardens of the East Village started by activists, like the Green Guerrillas, who threw seed bombs into abandoned lots that then flourished into lush community gardens. Learn about recycling, composting, and bicycle activism and how the city adapted to the sustainable concepts that started in the Lower East Side.

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