Liquid Denial, MoRUS’s 6th Annual Film Fest

08/19/2018 – 8:30 pm

Liquid Denial
MoRUS’s 6th Annual Film Fest
August 16th-19th, screenings start around 8:30pm
Located at El Jardin Del Paraiso: “Ocean Pollution”

Showing the Following Film:

—-Tapped: This 2009 documentary looks into the bottled water industry and its long-term effects — socially, economically and ecologically. This approachable documentary style film calls into question how plastic water bottles became overwhelmingly popular and the impacts of their use on human health and the environment. Tapped will have you reflecting on the ripple effect of your consumption choices long beyond the screenings completion. (1.16)

Microplastics expert, Alina Campbell, will present on her inspiring work focued on NY waterways.

Examining actions being taken to preserve water systems, improve access to clean safe water, and identifying water-related threats to health of humans and the environment, the 6th Annual MoRUS Film Fest, LIQUID DENIAL will again take place in various community gardens  throughout the East Village. Bringing attention to the incredible natural beauty of these community spaces and the role that they play in the education and preservation of the natural ecosystems they are home to in the city, LIQUID DENIAL will run from August 16th- 19th 2018. In case of rain the films will be screened at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, located at 155 Avenue C. More info here!

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