Safer Spaces Policy

Safer Spaces Statement

Time’s Up! is a non-violent, direct action environmental group, dedicated to sustainability, empowerment, celebration, and liberation. We work creatively for a sustainable city and future, we recognize that our goals are only reachable in a safe, positive environment.

Thus: Our Code of Conduct & Safer Spaces Policy
Every Time’s Up! event is a “safer space.” Safer Spaces are welcoming, engaging, and supportive of free expression and autonomy, and do not tolerate abuse or discrimination. Even our playful rides and dance parties are dedicated to education and community-building. Therefore, we want our spaces to be places where people support each other and feel free to be themselves.

We expect all participants at our events to treat others with respect. To that end, we will not tolerate any actions that make other participants feel threatened or uncomfortable. This includes, but is not limited to, verbal abuse, physical violence, sexual harassment, intimidation, or discrimination based on race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political principals, physical differences, or social background.

So: Our Conflict Resolution Protocols
If you act in a way which violates our Safer Spaces Policy, whether you’re a Time’s Up! volunteer, member, or non-member, you may be asked to check your behavior. If you refuse to alter your behavior, you may be asked to leave Time’s Up!’s space.

If you encounter threatening behavior at one of our rides, workshops, or parties, please speak up to an event coordinator or volunteer. They will attempt to resolve the conflict on the spot. Also remember that a ride buddy, workshop partner, or friend may be able to help you voice your concern; or you can reach out to us via e-mail. If a conflict cannot be resolved on the spot, we’re committed to continuing the conversation elsewhere. Our aim will always be to listen to your concerns and facilitate the dialogue and resolutions that will allow for happier, safer experiences.