Dutch-style bikes for sale

Time's Up! bicycle co-op is now offering inexpensive bicycles from its 'recycle a bike' program, starting at $100 to $185. This is a very practical, Dutch style non-gender-specific recycled bicycle, tuned up & ready to ride. Each bike includes front and rear fenders, brakes, chain guard, and a kick stand. Excellent for riding in the rain and versatile for many different clothing options. The kind of bike that will last forever. 

2007-09-04 - NYU bike recycling - ABC Eyewitness News

September 04, 2007
ABC Eyewitness News

On Eyewitness News Wednesday morning, we take a look at an eco-friendly program here in New York City.

Some bicycles are about to get recycled, collected from around New York University. In fact, there are quite a few abandoned bikes in storage rooms and on racks all over campus.

But rather than tossing the two-wheelers, NYU has teamed up with the environmental group "Times Up" to give the bikes new peddle power.

So far about 33 bikes have been retrieved.

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