On Sunday, 4/14/2013, cyclists affiliated with Time's Up once again took to the streets of NYC with stencils and spray paint. Last month, the group targeted 8 locations where pedestrians and cyclists were killed by automobiles over the last year.

TIME'S UP! and other groups are spreading the word to ride together. By riding with your friend or buddy, it immediately becomes safer. By teaming up with a third person, it becomes even safer. Ride to work together and ride home together. When you see another rider, be friendly and link up. Ride to the beach together!

TIME'S UP! organizes a number of rides. Generally someone had an idea for a ride, got together with others, and made it happen. Some are a little more involved, working with environmental, community garden, and youth groups. 

Brooklyn CM, August 2005, gathering at Prospect Park. Photo by Mac.Critical Mass is a monthly celebration of bicycles and other nonpolluting means of transportation, exercising our right to the road. Critical Mass is a movement, not an organization; no two riders participate for exactly the same reason. Brooklyn Critical Mass started rolling in 2004.

The East River. Cool off on the waterfront and see how the Big Apple is Water City on rides in our Blue Apple series. Guided by waterfront experts, all rides in this series will show you how the rivers, creeks, and bays of New York are revitalizing. Visit new parks and public places, and pockets of the city from ages past.

Check back for new ride listings. Past rides have included the:

Community Garden Tours

Times Up has always combined music to fuel the revolution.

Over the years our sound bikes and marching bands have helped to reclaim open spaces for the public and create more community gardens as well as, auto free plazas in the streets. We dance in the street, in our community spaces and parks. All different types of theme rides occur. Dress appropriate, be prepared to shake your booty, and reclaim public space. 


Fountain Ride

Earth Day Bike (Click for Larger Illustration)   EARTH DAY DANCE RIDE   

Monday, April 22, 2013

How Green is Our City?              

Going strong since 1994!
This is a fun, relaxing auto-free ride through Central Park. Enjoy the tranquillity of the park & its beautiful ponds & waterways: a nature lover's dream. Totally safe. Bike guides front & rear. Meet at 10 p.m., Columbus Circle (SW corner of Central Park). Check the calendar for upcoming ride dates.


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