The TIME'S UP! table, with Trudy and the caterpillar.

The New York City Bicycle Show is an annual consumer bike show
that features more bikes and bike accessories than you can imagine,
as well as local shops and nonprofit groups.

TIME'S UP! organizes a number of rides and events. Generally someone had an idea for a ride or other event, got together with others, and made it happen. Some are a little more involved, working with environmental, community garden, and youth groups. Events are listed below.

Time's Up! Art Show Benefit

Visit the Time's Up! Art Show Benefit at Protest Space featuring environmentally-themed art from local artists, activists and cyclists.

Pieces highlight our country's disastrous response to environmental destruction and global warming, while inspiring action with images of sustainability, nonpolluting transportation and nature.

Exhibition Dates: March 24-May 5
Hours: Thurs.-Sat., noon-6pm and by appt.

August 20th to August 29th, 2004
Bike National Convention   TIME'S UP! is hosting a calendar of events throughout a busy week of rides
that will lead up to the Republican National Convention. The Bike National
Convention (BNC) will provide New Yorkers and bike enthusiasts pedaling
BikeSummer 2003 took place in New York City. It was organized by TIME'S UP! and many other groups, local and otherwise, worked to make it a smashing success. 

Some video documentation of the events from that year: short, and long versions.


Valet Bike Parking at the Clearwater Festival

Time's Up will be providing free valet bike parking again at this years Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival: A Music and Environmental Festival on June 16th & 17th, 2018!
We will also host a bike ride from NYC up the Hudson River approximately 40 miles to Croton Point Park, Croton-On-Hudson. If you are interested in biking up from New York City, please email us at

Check out the video capturing their journey via bicycle, train & boat

READ about it on the Gothamist blog and CLICK here for photos


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