Bikes are traffic, so all traffic laws (referred to in New York as
Vehicle and Traffic Laws or "VTL") that apply to cars apply to bikes.
This includes signaling to make a turn or stop.

2. Is it legal to ride against traffic?

No, since all traffic laws that apply to cars apply to bikes, it is
illegal to ride a bike against traffic.

3. Is it legal to ride on the sidewalk?

a few more bikes for the many people that will be coming to New York City
for the Republican National Convention. We are hoping that by providing
bikes for those who come to the city without them, we can encourage
more people to think about sustainable energy and non-pollution energy
sources. It also allows more people to participate in the Bike National
Convention events.

BNC Provisional Calendar

Bike National Convention
The Bike National Convention is over a week of bicycle-related events,
some of which are regular TIME'S UP! events, some have proven themselves during 

Bike Summer 2003 in New York City

Space, 49 E. Houston (between Mott & Mulberry), throughout
the month of November (except Thanksgiving week).

It's a bike mechanic skillshare: Come learn how to fix your
bike, including flats, gears, simple maintenance, and general tune ups.


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