Dance Ride

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Times Up has always combined music to fuel the revolution.

Over the years our sound bikes and marching bands have helped to reclaim open spaces for the public and create more community gardens as well as, auto free plazas in the streets. We dance in the street, in our community spaces and parks. All different types of theme rides occur. Dress appropriate, be prepared to shake your booty, and reclaim public space. 


Fountain Ride

Pirate Ride

Rock N Roll Dance Ride

PolarBearCon Dance Ride

Bureau of Organized Bikelane Safety (B.O.O.B.S.) Dance Ride

Ladies Dance Ride

Heelz on Wheelz Garden Special

Pirate Ride to Governor's Island

Michael Jackson Dance Ride.

Michael Jackson Dance Ride.

Michael Jackson Dance Ride.

Clown Dance Ride.

Clown Dance Ride.

Clown Dance Ride.

Clown Dance Ride.

Fountain Ride.

Ladies Night Ride.

James Brown Dance Ride.

Sound Bike at the David Bowie Dance Ride.

David Bowie Dance Ride in search of a space oddity.

David Bowie Dance Ride.



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