Time's Up Art Mural Bike Ride
Checking out the Met Museum on the Central Park Moonlight Ride

TIME'S UP! is a 30-year-old not-for-profit direct-action environmental organization that uses events and educational programs to promote a more sustainable planet.

TIME'S UP! campaigns support objectives shared globally and locally by people like you. We're community-based and all volunteer. It's easy to participate: JOIN!

Check out our 30th Anniversary Timeline of events and accomplishments.

History, Mystery, Murder & Money Tour
Saturday July 21st, 10pm
Manhattan entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge (SW corner of Chambers and Centre Street/Park Row)
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A fascinating bike tour of dazzling and notorious sites in Lower Manhattan. Includes the shocking Wall Street bombing, the world’s biggest gold cache, and arguably the most important place in USA history…and much, much, much, more.

Street Art Bike Ride
Sunday, July 22nd, 12:00-2:30pm
99 South 6th Street, Brooklyn
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Our gallery is on the streets, and we want to share it, pointing out famous and hidden spots throughout the city. We'll be covering the Williamsburg and Bushwick neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Tour includes NYC highlights, history and social implications of street art.

The Great Central Park Traffic Calming Ride: Family Reunion Final Edition
Tuesday, June 26, 6:00 p.m.
Central Park South park entrance at 6th Avenue

School's out for summer, and the cars will be out of Central Park for good! Join with old friends and make some new ones as we celebrate victory in this decades-long, people-powered campaign to peacefully remove internal combustion from Central Park.

Come to a bike repair workshop every Sunday and Wednesday at the Time's Up Brooklyn space (99 South 6th Street in Williamsburg) starting at 6pm. You can bring your own bicycle and work on it yourself with the aid of
Time's Up mechanics. You can use our tools and we have recycled bike parts available for sale. Bikes are awesome! They're ecofriendly, good exercise, faster than the speed of light, and fun! Let’s be good to our metal and rubber friends.



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