DISTANCESTART-Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course Club HouseDISTANCE
0.0NORTH-Putnam Line right-of-way (dirt)1.4
1.4pavement starts (NYC-Yonkers border)1.8
3.2bridge over Cross County Pkwy0.2
3.4LEFT (MOTEL)-down stairs to Yonkers Av and WEST on Yonkers Av0.5
3.8Prescott St-BEAR RIGHT-cross sidewalk.0.7
Granite "OCA" post marks entrance to Old Croton Aqueduct trailway. Vent tower 22
4.5RIGHT-Palisade Av0.0
4.6QUICK LEFT-Ashburton Av steep downhill one block0.1
4.7RIGHT-US 9-North Broadway0.2
4.9LEFT-Lamartine Av0.1
4.9RIGHT-Granite "OCA" post. Old Croton Aqueduct. Vent tower 212.1
7.0Vent tower 19. Odell Av [MTA] Lenoir Preserve1.7
8.7Five Corners (Hastings-on-Hudson)[MTA]CROSS-nasty intersection of US 9, Main St, and Farragut Av.1.2
East on Farragut Av leads to South County Trail (1 mi)
10.0Keeper's House 15 Walnut St Dobbs Ferry [MTA]0.4
10.3CROSS Cedar St ("T" intersection") DOWN concrete stairs on north side to OCA trail0.3
10.6Wickers Creek1.2
11.7Jewell's Brook Crossing1.4
13.2Lyndhurst (downhill from OCA)0.2
13.3LEFT-US 9 (South Broadway) (trail deadends ahead)0.5
13.8CROSS-NY 119 (White Plains Rd)0.1
RIGHT-shopping center-food here
13.9OCA trail on east side of parking lot. Vent tower 140.4
14.4LEFT-Leroy Av0.0
14.4QUICK RIGHT-US 9 (South Broadway)0.3
14.9Neperan Rd [MTA] Vent tower 130.6
downhill to food, bike store, [MTA], or uphill to link to North County Trail (1 mi) via bike path at Sunnyside Av
15.5Sleepy Hollow High School blocks trail. Use path and stairs south and east of school or pass through breezeway.
NORTH through parking lot-CROSS Bedford Rd1.0
16.5Pocantico River Crossing1.5
18.0Archville Bridge restored continuity to the trailway in 1998 after a 74-year hiatus.0.9
19.0RIGHT-River Rd and QUICK LEFT-US 9 (Albany Post Rd)0.3
19.3RIGHT-Scarborough Rd0.4
19.7LEFT-OCA trail. Vent tower 91.0
20.6RIGHT-US 9-South Highland Av0.1
20.7LEFT-Washington Av0.2
21.0RIGHT-Spring St Vent tower 80.5
21.5RIGHT-Maple Pl and QUICK LEFT-OCA trail. [MTA]0.4
21.8RIGHT-Ann St (north of Double Arch Weir)0.1
21.9CROSS-N. Malcolm St ("T" intersection") OCA trail0.9
22.8CROSS-US 9 (North Highland Av) OCA trail0.5
23.4LEFT-Ogden Rd (trail deadends ahead)0.1
23.5RIGHT-Old Albany Post Rd (or LEFT to US 9. CROSS US 9 to bike path to Croton Point Park.)
23.6QUICK LEFT-path to OCA trail0.4
23.9RIGHT-Fowler Av and QUICK LEFT-OCA trail2.8
26.7CROSS-New Croton Dam0.4
27.1CROSS-NY 129 FORWARD-Batten Rd1.3
28.4FORWARD-NY 129 (Grand St)0.3
28.7FORWARD-NY 129 (Maple St)0.9
29.6BEAR LEFT-South Riverside Av0.6
30.1RIGHT-Croton Point Av0.2
30.3Croton Point Park [MTA]
All mileage is subject to argument! Seriously, because of rounding, segments don't always add up to cumulative totals.
Westchester's paving elves are busy. Enjoy the new section of the Putnam right-of-way. BUT! About .4 mile north of where the paving begins at the NYC-Westchester border, as of May 2006, there's a rudimentary but passable plank bridge. If it's there, cross it and continue on the route. If it's unuseable (while the elves upgrade it): RIGHT (Harrison Av & Alan Shephard Pl); LEFT-Harrison Av-.2mi; RIGHT-Jervis Rd-.1mi; LEFT-(at Sedgwick Av) through the gate into Tibbets Brook Park-.2mi on the paved path; BEAR LEFT on the paved path across footbridge-.3mi and look for a convenient spot to return to the Putnam right-of-way.
[MTA]: Metro-North station nearby. 212 532-4900 or 800 638-7646
Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course Clubhouse: #1 (B'way Local) to 242nd St, one block south, one block east. Or "A" train to 207th St, north on Broadway, cross B'way Bridge, right on 225th St, cross Maj Deegan Expressway (I-87), and left on Bailey Avenue (total: a bit over 2 miles).
Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct:
Westchester County's maps:
Tarrytown: Tarrytown Cycles, 11 North Broadway, 914 631-1850
North Tarrytown: Sleepy Hollow Bicycle Center, 95 Beekman Av, 914 631-3135
Croton-on-Hudson: ET Cycle Center, 75 South Riverside Av, 914 271-6661