NYC to Croton Point Park, C. Komanoff / composed May 3, 2002

approx. 45 miles

Riverside Dr. uptown

R 165 St.

L Fort Washington ... to Cloisters

BL downhill around Cloisters onto H. Hudson Pkwy

1R Dyckman St. exit (watch sewer grate!)

1L Henshaw

1R Dyckman

1L Payson

L Seamans to end

R W 218 St.

L Broadway, over Bway Bridge

R W 230 St. (R&S Strauss store) cross over I-87

L Bailey (@ T)

1R Albany

1L Heath

1R Ft. Independence

L Sedgwick (@ T)

BR @ light

3L Dickinson (not on Bronx Hagstrom)

BR cross Mosholu, up Gun Hill

L Jerome

R E 233 St.

1L Van Cortland Park E --> Kimball --> Bronxville Rd (no turns, 4 miles), cross Palmer Rd

1R Pondfield

2L Parkview Ave. (the choice @ right)

BR @ the stone church

L Scarsdale Rd

L Old Army Rd (hill!)

L Ardsley

X Sprain Brook Pkwy

S Ashford

X Thruway

S Ashford

R Washington (1 after Lefurgy) to T

L E Ardsley to 1R

R Broadway (9)

X 287 interchange

S Broadway, past Benedict, Hamilton, Cobb to 1R

R Bedford (hill)

L Weber

Mrg Sleepy Hollow Rd

SL Sleepy Hollow Rd, long distance, to T

R Sleepy Hollow Rd

L Scarborough Rd (not R on Pine)

R Old Briarcliff Rd (1R after college) to T

L Pleasantville Rd

3R Ramapo Rd

X Rte 133, becomes Campwoods

R Ryder, X 9A, steep climb, becomes Pines Bridge

L Hoag Cross Rd, becomes MacDonald

R Kitchawan (134)

1L Spring Valley Rd

1R Blinn Rd becomes Apple Bee to T

1R Quaker Ridge Rd

1L Croton Dam Rd (NYC)

X Rt 129

L Batten Rd

X Rt 129

L Jacoby (tiny) to immediate T

L Cleveland

BR Truesdale

BR (at Y) Truesdale, becomes Arlington, then Devon, then Croton Point Av

X Rt 9

continue into Croton Point Park

X Cross    R Right Turn   L Left Turn   S Straight   BR - Bear Right 1R - First Right, etc.

Note: The author recommends that you bring the appropriate Hagstrom maps (Bronx, Lower Westchester, and Upper Westchester) for this ride.