2006-05-12 Clowns - Gothamist

May 12, 2006


If you noticed a bunch of clowns on bicycle giving cars tickets this morning, your eyes weren't fooling you. Today is a Time's Up! Bike Lane Liberation! ride, where bikers (dressed as clowns) issues tickets to motorists who violate NYC Traffic Rules § 4-08(e), "which explicitly prohibits stopping, standing and parking within, or otherwise obstructing, bike lanes." Of course, the tickets aren't real, but the warning is explicit - keep the bike lanes open and everyone will be safe. It's one of many events for Bike Month NYC.

The clown brigade will be traveling up Sixth Avenue from Washington Square Park, up to Times Square, with the ride ending around 9AM. And don't fret: There are two more upcoming Bike Lane Liberation rides: One on Sunday, May 21 and another on Sunday, June 18.

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