Find Out How You Can Sponsor a Time's Up! Event

Inspire future environmentalists by sponsoring your own Time's Up! event or campaign, with a contribution greater than $500. For more information, email our fundraising coordinator at All contributions are 100% tax deductible.

For 20 years TIME'S UP! has been run by volunteers with no paid staff members. Your contributions will go directly into events and campaigns, so vote YES for the environment and make a difference today.

Campaigns that you can sponsor right now:

Installing garden beds at Greene Acres Community Garden in Brooklyn Two Community Garden Cleanups

  TIME'S UP! has been working with GreenThumb and the More Gardens! Coalition in NYC to save community gardens that have been put on the endangered list. The gardens we are focusing on could go either way. They could be destroyed or saved.

Here is how it works: TIME'S UP! shows up with its volunteers, music and the food. GreenThumb usually kicks in the materials, fences, shovels, compost, etc. Prior to cleanup day there are several trips made out to the community to do outreach and encourage community members to get involved in decision making and organizing around the garden. Volunteers work with community members on planting and garden repairs. Through this process, communities become more invested in their garden and have the opportunity to develop group decision-making while partnering with TIME'S UP!.

$1,800 would allow two community garden cleanups and plantings in New York City.

Three Environmental Bike Tours

Tours for bicyclists and skaters are an invaluable tool to educate people about the diversity of our environment.

TIME'S UP! Environmental Group has worked with community groups from different areas around the city such as: Friends of Brook Park in the Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan; the Waterfront Alliance in NJ; & Green Map Systems.

While TIME'S UP! volunteers design, organize and lead most such tours, on some tours local groups lead the tour and TIME'S UP! volunteers provide outreach, assistance in moving, security and repairs, refreshments and guidance. These tours are an excellent way to bring people into different communities to learn about their ecological issues.

$1,200 will enable us to perform three bike tours.

Two Calendar Months of Promoting Eco-Bicycling and Skating Events

You can sponsor TIME'S UP! calendar events for two whole months promoting non-polluting transportation and environmental community building events. A typical calendar will contain Moonlight Ride, Riverside Ride, Environmental Tours, Cyclone Ride, youth rides and usually a community garden cleanup and afterpartym with food and drinks.

All events on the calendar are free and open to the public.
$2,700 will help us promote these events.

Two Positive Demonstrations to Rid the Cars from Our Parks

  TIME'S UP! is committed to relieving Central Park and Prospect Park from polluting transportation. Besides our demonstrations in the park, we have done over 50 auto-free Moonlight rides to show what the park would look like without cars.

Your sponsorship will help increase the pressure with traffic-calming demonstrations, lobbying to the local community boards, outreach to the community, press releases, and postering the area around the parks. Both Central and Prospect Park are on the verge of reducing automobiles from using the park.

With your help we can make it possible for $2,400.

Urban Planning Conference in New York City

TIME'S UP! has done extensive research in urban planning and infrastructure in Amsterdam and Portland, Oregon. We feel that proper design and urban planning of our cities has a direct effect on human behavior and transportation systems. With your support we could create an Urban Planning and Design Conference with workshops, demonstrations, slide shows and outdoor events.

In the past we have been able to use the Municipal Arts Society and large university facilities to accommodate such conferences. Your support would enable us to acquire spaces, provide transportation for speakers, advertise the events, make brochures and provide outreach to local city planners. In the past we have seen infrastructure designs acknowledged and implemented within a few years.

The total budget is $18,000, so many contributions are needed.

NYC Global Warming Reduction Campaign: Trade Your Car for a Bicycle

This campaign will focus on education and reducing global warming emissions from automobiles. The campaign will take place in NYC with the simple idea – donate your car and we will give you a free bicycle or rollerblades. It is estimated that the average city dweller, who doesn't use a car to commute to work, uses it less than once a week. Over 70% of people that use their car to commute to work could easily use their bicycle or mass transit.

The $23,000 budget for this project is almost all startup costs. It would be used for education and publicity: creating brochures / websites / radio announcements and PSAs. Once established, the campaign will be able to fund itself from the donated cars. All donated bicycles will include full fender guards and racks so that they will be geared for commuting and weather conditions. The bicycles will be donated in a celebratory style with documentation and congratulations.

Total budget $28,000.

Cyclists arriving at the Time's Up! Space for a eco-volunteer event Green Education Building

The Green Education Building will be located in NYC to provide a forum for environmental education and community organizing. This green building will be a place for people to learn about local community events and global updates on the environment. The Green Education Building will be run by TIME'S UP! volunteers, who can use their experience at scheduling and hosting events, lecture series, workshops, local and organic gardening and youth programs.

The TIME'S UP! Collective has over 20 years of experience at organizing environment events in New York City. Over 90% of our events must be outdoors because of lack of space. In 2004 we were generously allowed temporary use of a storefront to use as a Bike Space. This allowed us to start bike repair and puppet-making workshops, host educational seminars, show movies, and distribute bike maps and information. It quickly became Bike Central Station for New York City's activists and public environmental education. The Bike Space was featured in the New York Times.

The Green Education Building would take this a step further. It would be an invaluable asset to the NYC community, and have an echoing effect across the United States.

Total budget $700,000 - 1,000,000.