2009-07-10 - Sic Transit Gloria Exhibit Glorifies Biking in a Crowded City

Sic Transit Gloria Exhibit Glorifies Biking in a Crowded City

The Indypendent

July 10, 2009

By Julia Dunn


Many wheels surrounded the walls of the Atlantic Gallery Thursday July 7 in the gallery’s celebration entitled “Reinventing the Wheel” as a part of their ongoing Sic Transit Gloria exhibit. The exhibit will continue until July 23, but the special presentation last night combined speakers from Transportation Alternatives, Times Up and the New York City Department of Transportation. Curator Pamela Talese, an avid cyclist herself, was very excited about the event last night and said, “The mood at the opening and the mood last night was one of excitement and very positive and people have written to me and said they learned so much and they loved the bike maps.” Talese brought together more than 50 people in the room to view 59 artists and watch four special presentations. The Atlantic Gallery is an artist cooperative gallery that formed in 1974 on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Talese noted how back in the 70s there were nearly 40 galleries that were cooperatively run by the artists, 10 of which remain today, according to Talese. She explained why she had the event and her goal in bringing the many presenters together, “I’m a New Yorker and I’m part of these groups as well, I’m a cyclist and I thought this would be a good show.” The display of artwork itself was extremely diversified from using subway maps as a canvas or to create a dress, to photographs of a village in India with people walking and carrying baskets on their heads. The images displayed varied almost as much as the mediums that were used. Steve McMaster from Times Up NY then got up to present three videos about what the group is doing around the city and profiling many Critical Mass bike events as well as the taking back of the Sheridan Expressway in the Bronx. Along with all the presentations were many informational pamphlets, mostly focused on biking, and even bumper stickers and bike maps of New York City.