2008-07-29 - Cop is Taped Tackling a Critical Mass Cyclist - Metro NY

Cop is Taped Tackling a Critical Mass Cyclist
Metro NY
July 29th, 2008
By Amy Zimmer

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A video showing an PM" officer violently shoving a bicyclist to the ground during Friday's Critical Mass bike ride has been viewed by thousands on YouTube. While police investigate what happened, the officer has been stripped of his badge and gun.
In the clip, caught by a tourist in Times Square, several cyclists in the monthly ride were whizzing by as the crowd looked on before the officer rushed Christopher Long, 29. The video does not show Long's actions just prior to reaching the officer. When it was over, Long was charged with attempted assault,
in a video posted on YouTube Sunday night, a police officer is seen knocking a Critical Mass rider to the ground.
resisting arrest. and disorderly conduct, his lawyer David Rankin said. Long declined to speak. "The officer has been placed on modified assignment pending further investigation of the incident: Deputy Police Commissioner Paul
Browne said in a statement. Critical Mass- a monthly ride to promote non-polluting forms of transportation- has a long history of run-ins with the NYPD, including more than 200 arrests during the 2004 Republican National Convention. Incidents like the one on YouTube "happen once every four months," said Bill DiPaola,
of Times Up!, the group that pro-motes Critical Mass. "A lot of it is not caught on tape." Civil rights attorney Norman Siegel, who has represented many Critical Mass riders over the last four years, said: "Commissioner Kelly needs to step in and investigate what's happening. These officers, such as this one, do it because they think it's OK."