2008-07-17- Break Out the Old Huffy for Critical Mass- Time Out

Break Out the Old Huffy for Critical Mass
Time Out NY
July 17th, 2008

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Break out the old Huffy for Critical Mass, a grassroots group ride promoted by bike IF advocates Time's Up (held on the last Friday of every month at 7pm, meet at the north end of Union Square Park; visit times-up.org). The ride raises awareness of the challenges and benefits of urban biking while visibly asserting New Yorkers' right to pedal on car-crowded
streets. "Bikes on the street put pressure on the city to make more space for bikes," says Time's Up executive director Bill DiPaola. Indeed, they do. On August 9, 16 and 23, the city will close Park Avenue to cars, trucks and buses fora few hours as part of a program called Summer Streets (nyc. gay/dot). In Brooklyn, over four consecutive Saturdays from Saturday 19 to August 9, a similar event, Williamsburg Walks, will close down--or, rather, open up—Bedford Avenue from Metropolitan Avenue to North 9th Street (billburg.com/walks).
Commute to work by bike or on foot every day. "Walking or biking to work is possibly the single most important environmental action an American can take," says Wiley Norvell, communications director of Transportation Alternatives. To facilitate the transition to two wheels, Bike New York (bikenewyork.org) offers free workshops to companies interested in exploring a cycler's commute. Want to do even more? Dream up a new vision of city roadways for Transportation Alternatives' "Designing the 21st Century-Street" competition, which asks the public to rethink bike and pedestrian access at the Brooklyn intersection of Fourth Avenue and 9th Street (21stcentioystreetorg).—Andrew Frisican,