2000-10-09- Moonlight Ride- New Yorker

Moonlight Ride
The New Yorker
October 9th, 2000

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Above and Beyond
Moonlight Ride
In the waning hours of the first Friday of each month, a group of bicyclists converge on Central Park for a spin through the dark corners of Manhattan's Largest yard. If you're feeling worn out from a long week at work, don't worry: you can ride at any pace you like, since the ride's organizers (Time's Up, a nonprofit environmental and transportation advocacy group) post riders not only at the front of the group but also at the rear. These back-of-the-park riders are called sweeps, and one veteran sweep is Dave Perry, a bike mechanic on the Lower East Side. "The sweep is like a marshal," he says. "If somebody wanders off, or if there's a flat tire or a mechanical breakdown, he makes it his business to find out. No one gets stranded. Everyone stays safe." (Oct. 6 at 10. For more information, call 802-8222.)